Technology - S7 Rail



The S7 full hydraulic tamping drive without eccentric axle enables vibration only during penetration and compaction of the ballast – the result is a stand still period of approx. 70% each tamping cycle.

  • Noise reduction more than -7 dB each tamping cycle and more than -50% less respirable dust emission
  • Less wear parts – no rotating parts or bearings inside the S7 tamping drive
  • Huge reduction of life cycle costs and easy maintenance compared to conventional tamping technology

S7 automatic tamping mode detects the ballast bed condition and achieves automatically optimum compaction through individual squeezing time under each sleeper. The result is a durability enhancement of track geometry compared to the conventional tamping method.

  • Automated operation and intelligent electronics make the tamping job easy to handle
  • Pressure transducers inside the squeezing cylinders measure the achievable compaction of the ballast during squeezing
  • Contactless distance sensors inside the squeezing cylinders measure the squeezing movement
  • Ballast bed report with analysis of the data is created directly on the tamping machine and uploaded to the S7 infrastructure management web platform INFRAME


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