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s7 uses inertial measurement system for precise track positions

s7 nutzt inertiales Messsystem für präzise Gleislagen s7 uses inertial measurement system for precise track positions s7 utilizza la piattaforma inerziale per una precisa posizione del binario

S7 – Autonomous Tamping Robotics

S7-Autonomous Tamping Robotics arrived in Italy Ergonomic – Intuitive - Simple S7 temporary permit obtained in Italy - Tamping easier than ever.

The future of tamping has begun

Tamping is quite challenging. However, system7 places people at forefront by putting the machine operator in the center to make his work easier.

S7- Autonomous Tamping Robotics soon also in Italy

#S7-AutonomousTampingRobotics soon also in Italy. We are proud to introduce to you one of our latest partners, m2 from La Valle, within the Province of Bolzano.

Milestone for system7 – the first delivery to the USA

The first order by an American client has been completed and the Sytem7 tamping head attachment S7 THA 8 4.0 will be delivered to the US soon. This is considered a milestone in the still young history of system7 rail.

Next Universal Tamper S7 PLS 16 4.0 is ready

Our latest universal tamping machine S7 PLS 16 4.0 - S is on tracks. It is always great to finish a project and deliver a machine to a happy customer on time. Here is to perfection!

Linsinger-Holding becomes shareholder of System7 Rail Holding

There is great news in our group of companies, and we would like to inform you about it personally. Two Laakirchen-based companies combine to pool their strengths. MATE GmbH takes a 30 percent stake in System7 Railholding GmbH.