Linsinger-Holding becomes shareholder of System7 Rail Holding FR - S7 Rail

Linsinger-Holding becomes shareholder of System7 Rail Holding FR

There is great news in our group of companies, and we would like to inform you about it personally. Two Laakirchen-based companies combine to pool their strengths. MATE GmbH takes a 30 percent stake in System7 Railholding GmbH.

Mate is part of AFW Group and parent company of both, Linsinger Maschinenbau Gesellschaft m.b.H and Linmag Railservice GmbH in Steyermühl/Laakirchen, Austria. System7-Group, among other things, brings in its majority stakes in the railway technology companies Rail Support and Rail Technology and thus holds the remaining 70 percent.

The Austrian Federal Competition Authority gave green light for this merger.

We are delighted to welcome a strategic investor on board, after already having achieved the entry of INVEST AG before. This will give us the opportunity to leverage multiple synergies, not least by making great use of Linsinger’s international distribution network.

Both companies, System7 and Linsinger, are powerful innovators in the railway sector. It was just recently that our new partner introduced the world’s first hydrogen-drive for milling-trains. System7 provides the perfect substructure of the track systems and Linsinger / Linmag delivers rail heads that fit. That is what we call a “perfect match”.

INVEST AG is also proud to be able to continue to foster the growth of System7 together with MATE GmbH in a strong partnership. The solid growth path of System7 will develop even faster through the contribution and the know-how of MATE GmbH and the financial investment of INVEST AG.
We have just joined forces and we warmly welcome our new partner to the System7 family. We are deeply convinced that you, our customers, and partners, will also take benefit from this new merger.

f.l.t.r.: Andreas Weingärtner, Friedrich Weingärtner (Linsinger Maschinenbau), Hans-Jörg Holleis (System7), Philipp Schupfer (INVEST AG)