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System7 sets high standards for itself and it is System7’s highest premise to be a reliable, fair and predictable partner for our customers, suppliers and our other business partners.

In order to meet the high demands and to be able to successfully manage the challenges, System7 has implemented compliance guidelines and a code of conduct.

These provisions set out what has been a matter of course for System7 since the company was founded: compliance with ethical standards, social responsibility, fair competition, sustainability and law-abiding business activities.

The above-mentioned guidelines as well as the Code of Conduct reflect System7’s corporate philosophy, values and principles: a “togetherness” based on mutual trust and fairness – both towards our customers, suppliers and our other business partners as well as towards our employees.

System7 is fully committed to the Guidelines and Code and the standards, values and responsibilities contained therein, and leads by example.

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DI (FH) Markus Söllinger

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Laakirchen, April 2021

ABOUT THE COMPANY SYSTEM7We think in terms of systems

The track with its individual components – substructure, subgrade, ballast bed, sleepers, fastenings, rails and overhead line – forms a system.

The railroad – with infrastructure managers, train operations, passengers, maintenance companies and industry – also forms a system.

The strength of a system comes from the quality of the individual components and their interaction.

As a developer of track construction machines, aggregates, and system solutions, we improve and optimize this interaction.

The focus of our developments is on minimizing life-cycle costs, reducing maintenance effort, clear and intuitive operation and digital remote monitoring of the products, as well as reducing noise and particulate matter.

Our seven guiding principles

  • The focus is on the customer
  • We listen to our customers
  • We live partnership
  • We strive for transparency
  • We develop the best products
  • We offer the best service
  • We act sustainably and with environmental awareness

Our quality, safety and environmental management system and employee policies are compatible with:

  • EN ISO 9001:2015
  • EN ISO 14001:2015
  • EN 15085-2:2008
  • DIN 6701-2
  • Worker protection framework directives (89/391/EEC)
  • Employee Protection Act (ASCHG)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act (DPA)




The following points provide an overview of our corporate policy and describe our approach to ensuring conduct in line with values and the law and our benchmark for ethically and legally impeccable action.


In the interest of System7 as well as in the interest of our employees and business partners, the following points are “lived” in the company at all times. This is intended to strengthen System7’s reputation and our competitiveness and to protect our employees and business partners. Our managers set a positive example in this regard.



For reasons of better readability, the simultaneous use of masculine, feminine and diverse forms of language has been dispensed with. All personal designations therefore apply to all genders for the purpose of equal treatment.



For System7, compliance with all applicable laws and standards is paramount. All applicable laws and other external and internal Group regulations are always complied with in all business actions and decisions.

Our employees are also regularly provided with comprehensive information and training on the laws, other regulations and internal rules applicable to their respective areas of responsibility and are instructed to seek advice from the relevant bodies within System7 in cases of doubt.


a. Alcohol and drug abuse
The health of our employees as well as the always flawless handling of our business relations is very important to us. Therefore, our employees are prohibited from consuming alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants while performing their duties for System7.

b. Sexual harassment
At System7, sexual harassment is not tolerated in any form or under any circumstances. The relevant departments in the company are sensitized and follow up suspicious cases appropriately.

c. Discrimination
System7 rejects any form of discrimination in particular based on, age, gender, religion or belief, ethnicity, marital status, disability, culture, political opinion, sexual orientation or social affiliation. For System7, every person is equal, unique and valuable and is respected for his or her individual abilities.

d. Bullying
At System7, bullying is not tolerated in any form and under any circumstances. The relevant departments in the company are sensitized and follow up suspected cases appropriately.


Our employees are our most valuable asset. That is why we are committed to creating a safe and attractive working environment in which trust, teamwork, acceptance of responsibility, and respectful and fair treatment of one another are valued and practiced.

System7 pays attention to fair working conditions and high occupational safety standards. We reject any form of child or forced labor.

The health of our employees and safety in the workplace are very important to us and we are always working to further improve this standard.


A responsible and sustainable approach to the environment is an important component of our corporate policy. We regard the implementation of all relevant environmental protection regulations as standards to be complied with as a matter of course, which are practiced daily by the company management, the executives and by each individual employee. System7 relies on production processes that conserve resources.

Both in the development of new products and in the operation of production facilities, we always ensure that any impact they may have on the environment is kept as low as possible.

In addition, we attach great importance to the conscientious handling of waste and contribute to the recycling of materials and products.

We bear the responsibility to treat natural resources with care and to contribute to the protection of the environment through our behavior.


We believe in fair competition and consider it an important component of our long-term corporate success. System7 observes the applicable competition rules in all business activities and does not participate directly or indirectly in business practices that violate competition law regulations. In the interest of fair competition, we do not engage in unfair business practices, such as making statements about products that could mislead customers, disparaging competitors or unauthorized advertising.


System7 attaches great importance to influenceability and independence. Therefore, we avoid circumstances that could influence our impartiality. Our employees may not accept gifts, invitations or other benefits that could improperly influence the business relationship or even create the appearance of such influence.


The protection of personal data is of particular concern to System7. We process all personal data exclusively in accordance with the relevant legal provisions. We will be happy to answer your questions regarding data protection at For more information on the processing of your data when visiting our website, please visit


System7’s intellectual property includes, for example, know-how and property rights, product developments, development of new technologies, and results from scientific or technical research. These represent valuable assets and are the basis for our success. Therefore, this information must be particularly protected.

Each individual employee of System7 is obliged to protect System7’s intellectual property, know-how, etc. with particular care by keeping this information secret and using it only for business purposes. In particular this confidential information shall not be disclosed to third parties.

Business partners of System7 must sign confidentiality declarations if confidential information is brought to their attention after approval by a department head or company management.

System7 also protects the trade secrets of all business partners, treats them as strictly confidential and does not disclose them to unauthorized third parties.