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About us


We think in terms of systems.

The track with individual components – substructure, planum, ballast, sleepers, fasteners, rails and overhead contact line – forms a system.

The railway – with infrastructure managers, the operation of trains, the passengers, the maintenance company and the industry – also forms a system.

The strength of a system arises from the quality of the individual components and their interaction. As engineering company of tamping machines, aggregates and system solutions we improve and optimize this interaction.

The centre of our developments involves, minimizing life cycle costs, reduction of maintenance expenses, a clear and intuitive operation and remote monitoring of the products as well as reduction of noise and respirable dust emissions.


  1. Our focus is on the customer
  2. We listen to our customers
  3. We live partnership
  4. We strive for transparency
  5. We develop the best products
  6. We offer the best service
  7. We act in a sustainable and environmentally conscious


The long experience of the company founders, in the theory and practice of the railway sector.

Interdisciplinary approaches lead to new solutions. Existing proven and new technologies from different disciplines are at the center of product development.

The thorough scientific analysis of the tasks leads to creative solutions and new products.

A powerful prompt service on site.
We offer ISO – certified quality


We listen to our customers’ wishes – the operators of upper Construction, operators and maintenance personnel, the railways with their safety and quality specifications. We are happy to listen to their experience and suggestions. They form the basis of our product development.

With system7 technology our customers receive state of the art technology.

A competent and prompt customer support makes us stand out.